I am a Lover of God.. Lover of people... Lover of Life...

My life story ;)
I was born in South Korea, and only a couple of weeks old I was left on a police stair. I think kinda like this photo... just less cozy ;)

I was found and sent to a childrens home in a small town named Taegu in the very south of South Korea. From there I flew to Seoul the capital of Korea, and at nine months old I flew all across the world to the other side... and came to Norway.
I grew up in Norway, my parents are norwegian and I feel norwegian inside, but look asian;)
Growing up I was very much into singing, music, drama and dance. I started singing in a choir at 5 years old, and even got the priveledge to record a song in the studio at 8 years old;)
I started doing musicals and loved it. I was always involved with music and played the flute and a bit of piano.
At an early age I was involved with many sports and arts.
I joined a girls club who would make things and then have a raffle to collect money to different projects for people in Africa, Asia and South America. That's when I started learning about the people and cultures, and found it so interesting. I believe this was the place where God first sparkled my heart for the nations and people all over the world.

God has always been a big part of my life. My parents read me bible stories and I grew up going to the local church. I knew I believed in God for myself, and not just because my parents taught me about it from an early age. I've always very independent so I quit going to my parents church around 13 years old because I thought it was boring........I started going to my own church where God was doing a lot of new stuff. I Joined singing there with a team in junior high, and after a couple of years I started the dance ministry of the church named Saron.

In 2003 I went to a music festival in Norway, and there I danced for the first time in a dance class. A girl named Charity Albers that travelled with a group called GX was teaching dance. She encouraged me so much in my dancing and we kept in touch after the festival. Charity told me about GX International who travelled the world and put on a show for youth using music, dance, skateboarding, BMX and multimedia to present a relevant message of Hope, spreading the word of God, and loving people... It was about giving a positive lifestyle into the communities they visited. I believe that God then planted a seed in me.. that continued to grow....
I got accepted to a awesome high school about half an hour away from where I lived that specialized in arts. It's a tough school to get into, and I worked hard to get in.
I loved the high school years, and the last year of high school I got an email invite from GX inviting me to go to the Netherlands on tour with them.
It was a dream come through and a prayer answer from God.
That is how I got into the circus of GX.. and I have not been able to leave GX yet... and now it's been 6 years.
Just about 3 years into touring all over the world with GX, I met the Love of my life, Sierra from the US.
We fell in love and did the whole long distant dating for 3 years, until we finally got married in 2009:)
Sierra is a professional skateboarder, and is loving getting to skateboard for a living, and getting to travel all over the world and share his passion for God and skateboarding.

I am currently studying international communication, with subjects of Human Rights and Religion in Norway. I will finish my bachelor the spring of 2010, and am hoping to continue on studying for my Masters in global studies.
I have always loved reading and learning about different people and different countries, so the school I go to has the perfect program for me, also letting me travel all year while studying. It truely is so amazing. I am so thankful that I get to study!


Sierra and I are looking into living in California, going a lot to Kansas City where the GX International base is, and also going to Norway quite a bit.
We both love youth and wants to encourage this generation and share the Love of Jesus to people. We both know we will be travelling quite a bit the next coming years, and we're so excited to see what God has in store.

........to be continued.......

(you can read my blog to follow our life and journey...)